Olivia Cupp is the founder and designer from St.Louis, Missouri. She received her Bachelors in Fashion Design at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. Her signature is clear on anything that she designs, unafraid to experiment and explore with her designs, colors and concepts, she embodies the freedom and love of the sixties with a strong understanding of building a better future for the world. And so MindFlowers was born!


Conscious accessories to power your flower. 
Mindflowers was created because we understand the magnitude that many small moments of joy (mindflowers) can have on your life. Each piece we create is loving crafted by our small and gorgeous team and is made with a conscious and inclusive perspective. Our designs are bold and psychedelic and are meant to bring moments of happiness to your day! Not just from all the eyes that won’t be able to look away, but from within. We want all our daisies to love and accept themselves and to spread that love to others!  Our minds are fertile, our thoughts and emotions like seeds that we nurture on a daily basis, when we let love lead we allow the mind to flower. 
Our future is one that empowers and supports, our future is intersectional.


At MindFlowers we take the ethics and sustainability of our products seriously, so that the design doesn’t have to! Everyday we work to find new ways to make our production process more eco-friendly. We pay livable wages* to all our employees and are very deliberate about choosing our suppliers. We are excited to continue to innovate and take part in the world of recycling and reusing and hope to reduce our waste as much as possible within the coming months. All products are consciously sourced supporting local businesses, and using recycled material when possible, and creating product that will live on as long as the rock ‘n roll spirit!


Jairo Villa is the second half of the power couple that runs MindFlowers. His background in advertising, marketing and photography matched with his understanding of small business needs has helped catapult MindFlowers and expand how far we can spread our message. He believes deeply in Olivia’s mission to spread love and empowerment to all and works tirelessly to ensure her message reaches all that it can.


No matter who you are, what you look like, who you choose to love, what you choose to wear or how you present yourself, you are beautiful. You deserve love and you matter. We love you all so much and hope together we can overcome the fear and anger in this world with love & kindness. Thank you for going on this journey with us.